posted by [personal profile] ff_presswatch at 11:06pm on 16/09/2011
Edge Magazine: Sony blocks class-action suits with new online terms
Sony has revised its online terms of service, adding a new clause which prevents disgruntled users binding together and launching a class-action lawsuit against the company - unless it agrees to it. While the clause sounds unenforcable, it has legal precedent. In May, the US Supreme Court ruled that mobile operator AT&T was entitled to block customers from binding together to bring class-action lawsuits, despite lower levels of the US legal system having branded its attempt to do so as "unconscionable." Jump: New Final Fantasy Type-0 Diablos and l’Cie Scan
Caves of Narshe: Square Enix Tokyo Game Show News Tidbits (FFXIII-2) Tidbits from the BS11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 TV Special
[info]0chiamano_mimi0: FFXIII-2 Theme Song New World by Charice

Final Fantasy VIII
[ffnet user] irishais: Fallen Empires (1) (Seifer/Quistis, Squall/Rinoa) (PG13) (1,271 words)
[ffnet user] irishais: Fallen Empires (2) (Seifer/Quistis, Squall/Rinoa) (PG13) (1,675 words)
[ffnet user] irishais: Fallen Empires (3) (Seifer/Quistis, Squall/Rinoa) (PG13) (1,624 words)

Dissidia Final Fantasy
[info]toffeethesnob: BEHOLD THE RAINBOW SPARKLINESS THAT IS THE C279 BOYBAND!!! (2 arts) (Mateus, Sephiroth, Kuja) (Chaos) (SFW)

Fan Comics
xiaa: Birthday Gift (20) (Zack/Cloud) (NSFW)

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
[info]arwenphoto: 20 icons

[deviantart user] edylisation: The Leading Man (FFXII) (Balthier)
[deviantart user] arwenphoto: No words. I'll be there (FFVII:CC) (Aerith/Zack)

Buying and Selling
[info]zorosan: Kiki's new doujinshi - Ambivalenz - for sale

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