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In July 2010 the newsletter staff began using delicious to compile the newsletter. It made the process more efficient and faster for us so we could include more fanwork and link to more services. In December 2010, Yahoo!, then owner of delicious, sold the service to AVOS who planned to redesign and relaunch it. We mistakenly assumed they would be retaining the current functionality. You can read an article featuring the new owners and their plans released before the redesign: YouTube Founders Revamping a Site for Link Sharing. There is also an article released the day of the redesign: Exclusive Q&A With CEO Chad Hurley.

Monday, the new design for delicious went live. There has been quite a bit of outcry (to say the least). Real time commentary can be found by following the deliciousfail hashtag on Twitter: #deliciousfail.

Unfortunately, this redesign has rendered our entire compile process impossible. Many of the features we use to quickly curate and bookmark the 30+ links we often get each day are gone. The script we use to fetch links from delicious can be made to work, but only fetches 20 links at most, where our issues are often much longer. There are many internal features we used to bookmark and curate that no longer exist: autocomplete, tag bundles, and bulk edit specifically. In short, our delicious account has been hobbled both for us and anyone who wants to browse it as an archive and our compile process derailed. Final Fantasy Press is not currently sustainable without the tool we used the most to make the newsletter possible for its editors.

It is with great regret we have to announce an indefinite hiatus. We will be waiting to see if the functionality we require is returned to delicious given the unpopularity of the recent changes. We'll be discussing our options of other services. We are very sorry about the interruption. To that end, we have made the folders we use in Google Reader to follow communities and websites public, which anyone can follow in their own RSS reader:

Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X & X-2
Final Fantasy XI
Ivalice Alliance
Fabula Nova Crystallis
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Final Fantasy XIV
Dissidia Final Fantasy
DeviantArt Clubs
Icon Challenges
Multi-FF-fandom Fanwork

We will still honor any follow requests and add new Final Fantasy communities to our Google Reader account so they will appear in these public feeds. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in comments. Thanks for your understanding.

- Final Fantasy Press staff


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