posted by [personal profile] ff_presswatch at 04:19am on 23/09/2011
Final Fantasy Union: Final Fantasy Versus XIII To Use Luminous Engine's Lighting System Famitsu: New Final Fantasy Type-0 Scans
Final Fantasy Union: Here's A Glimpse At Final Fantasy XIV's Beastman Strongholds
Final Fantasy Union: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 1.19 Gets Tentative Release Date
Final Fantasy Union: Final Fantasy XIV Chocobos And Airships Detailed
[info]ff_xiii: News About Hope in FFXIII-2 (spoilers)

[info]megaflare_ff: Mega Flare! 2011: Official Story Selection Post
[info]ff_yuri_drabble: Prompt #105 - Garden
[info]adventawards: week 272: faceless || submission
[info]ff7_drabbles: [Prompt] #120: Window

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
[info]encairion: The Calamity’s Revenge (1) (Cloud/Sephiroth, Vincent/Chaos, Elfe/Shears) (R) (5,073 words)

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
[info]diane_b_taylor: In Healing Scars Lie Healing Promises (Cloud/Tifa) (NC-17) (1,248 words)

Final Fantasy VIII
[ffnet user] irishais: Fallen Empires (6) (Seifer/Quistis, Squall/Rinoa, Xu) (PG-13) (1,948 words)

Ivalice Alliance
Final Fantasy XII
[info]paradox-fantasy: The Long Shot (4) (Balthier/Ashe) (NC-17) (2,587 words)
[info]sunnepho: Claret Sky (3) (Balthier/Vaan) (NC-17) (877 words)

Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII
[ffnet user] Xinyii_xo: Reversed Misfortune (2) - A misunderstanding in paradise (Hope/Lightning, Snow/Serah) (PG-13) (2,916 words)

Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII
[deviantart user] B-AGT: Serah Drawing 3 (SFW)

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
[deviantart user] Shu-Silver: Daddy Jecht (SFW)
[deviantart user] ShiSeptiana: DDFF: Go Terra (Terra, Kefka, Vaan) (SFW)

Fan Comics
xiaa: Birthday Gift (25) (Zack/Cloud) (NSFW)

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
[info]gothrockrulz: 60 icons (Cloud)

Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII
[info]rikusora-chan: 75 icons

Final Fantasy Icon Grab Bag
[info]eve_sparda: 20 icons

[deviantart user] GS-Force: ...she smiled till the end (Aerith)
[deviantart user] yuurisan-c-chan: FF XIII-2 - Farron Sisters (Serah, Lightning)
[deviantart user] Konoe-Lifestream: Zack: Soldier's break
[deviantart user] kenjiko: Yuffie
[deviantart user] Yashuntafun: Makes Me Happy When You Smile (Hope, Vanille, Fang)

[deviantart user] Graphite88: Fezco's Momo II

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