posted by [personal profile] ff_presswatch at 01:56am on 18/09/2011
Final Fantasy Union: Hey Look, Final Fantasy XIV Has Chocobos
[info]fervid_blazer: Diablos and Two New L'Cie! (FF Type-0) Four New Final Fantasy Type-0 Commercials

[info]areyougame: Retiring Prompt Free-For-All

Discussions, Reviews & Meta
[info]siriuslyyellow: Best Locke/Terra scenes in FFVI?
So, my sister is on a quest to collect the best Lokce/Terra scenes from FFVI. Any suggestions? Does anyone know if there's a list online anywhere?

Final Fantasy VIII
[ffnet user] horsecrazy2: This Kingdom by the Sea (Seifer/Quistis) (R) (297 words)
[ffnet user] horsecrazy2: Ashes to Dust Chapter (14) (Seifer/Quistis) (R) (12,919 words)

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
[info]cosmomemories: Green Eyed Lion (Squall, Zidane, Bartz, Lightning, Cloud) (G) (1,859 words)

Ivalice Alliance
Final Fantasy Tactics (The War of the Lions)
[deviantart user] puruco: White mage (SFW)

Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII
[deviantart user] anhellica: Lightning (SFW)

Final Fantasy Versus XIII
[deviantart user] monayuki: FF XIII versus Noctis Lucis (Noctis) (SFW)

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
[info]toffeethesnob: You're getting the cuchi-cuchi treatment! (Chaos, Laguna) (SFW)

Fan Comics
xiaa: Birthday Gift (21) (Zack/Cloud) (NSFW)

Final Fantasy Icon Grab Bag
[info]remiem: 62 icons

[deviantart user] dark-palace: Night Owl NxS (FF Versus XIII) (Stella/Noctis)

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