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The Final Fantasy VII Citadel: Theatrhythm Gameplay Video, New Screenshots

[info]ffviii_100: Prompt #69 - Infatuation
[info]ffviii_100: Prompt #139 - Medicine

Discussions, Reviews & Meta
[info]bofoddity: FF7 thought
One thing that has struck me both during my replay and while writing my Tifa post is how tightly the game is filtered to Cloud's POV.

Final Fantasy VI
[info]silvr_dagger: Light On The Water (Terra/Celes) (PG) (500 words)

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
[info]shippergal: The Appearance of a Mermaid (Cloud/Tifa) (R) (1669 words)

Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII
[info]shippergal: Just One Night (Hope/Vanille) (PG-13) (1400 words)
[info]shippergal: In the Classroom (Lighting/Snow) (PG-13) (723 words)
[info]shippergal: His Jealousy (Hope/Vanille, Snow/Lightning) (PG-13) (2757 words)
[info]shippergal: Behind the Waterfall (Hope/Vanille) (PG-13) (1635 words)
[info]shippergal: Their First Date (Hope/Vanille) (PG-13) (1358 words)
[info]shippergal: How to Tell Her (Hope/Vanille) (PG-13) (945 words)

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII
[deviantart user] ticcy: Midgar Zolom (Zolom, Cloud, Tifa, Aerith) (SFW)

Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2
[deviantart user] Black-Strawbarrie: Lady Yunalesca

Ivalice Alliance
Final Fantasy Tactics (The War of the Lions)
[deviantart user] yousukou: Final Fantasy Tactics - Mime

Final Fantasy XIII
[deviantart user] megani: Rygdea

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