posted by [personal profile] ff_presswatch at 06:06pm on 12/09/2011
News Final Fantasy Type-0 Downloadable Version Announced
[info]xashbellax: Square Enix files new trademark application for Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Final Fantasy Union: First Theatrhythm- Final Fantasy Footage Surfaces From TGS 2011

[info]ff_yuri_drabble: New Writing Prompt #104- Genre-Humor
[info]ffvii_100: New Writing Prompt #106- Boot Camp/Training

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
[info]suixcausa: Redemption Chapter 11 (Cloud/Zack,Angeal/Zack,Angeal/Cloud,Angeal/Cloud/Zack) (NC17) (10,286 words)

Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2
[info]animecrush: Standing in the Corner (Seymour,Jyscal) (PG) (200 words)
[info]unactive: While the Sun Still Shines (Auron,Yunalesca) (PG) (200 words)
[info]stardust808: Pleasure Doing Business (AU) (Auron/Lulu) (G) (100 words)
[info]stardust808: Breaking Point (AU) (Braska/Auron) (PG) (100 words)

[info]ryu19: Amid the Ranks of Funny (FFX/FFXIII) (Fang/Lulu) (PG13) (499 words)

Final Fantasy VI
[deviantart user] kurasato: Dissidia Aces R2 (Edgar,Relm,Ultros) (SFW)

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
[info]on_theline: 2 fanarts (Sephiroth) (Vincent) (SFW)

Final Fantasy IX
[deviantart user] ayashiroi: Garland's Puppets (Zidane,Kuja,Mikoto) (SFW)

Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII
[info]homeflight: 19 icons (Lightning,Serah)
[info]serafira: 15 icons (Lightning,Serah)

[info]seasalt_works: 83 icons (FFVII,FFXII,FFXIII,FFXIII-2,FFVersusXIII)

Final Fantasy Icon Grab Bag
[info]rikusora_chan: 87 icons

[deviantart user] lunaeciipse: Fran, Viera Warrior (FFXII)

Buying and Selling
[info]aweofshe: Selling 2 FFXIII Hope/Lightning Doujinshi.

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