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News Final Fantasy XIII-2: Now with 40% more Cool Factor™ Final Fantasy XIII-2: Now with 40% more Cool Factor™ Interview with Final Fantasy XIII-2′s Motomu Toriyama

[info]adventawards: Week 271: Black and White || Submissions
[info]ff7_drabbles: [Prompt] #118: Lost

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
[info]ryu19: The Life Ahead (Tifa/Elena/Yuffie) (R) (375 words)
[ffnet user] xxfatal: Theft (20) - The Scene (Vincent/Yuffie) (PG-13) (467 words)
[info]notraffic: Five Failed Weapons That Scarlet Invented (And The One that Didn't) (Scarlet) (PG-13) (1,181 words)

Final Fantasy VIII
[info]irishais: All the Space Between (Squall/Rinoa) (PG-13) (857 words)
[info]albijuli: Untitled (Fujin, Raijin, Seifer) (G) (100 words)
[ffnet user] horsecrazy2: Ashes to Dust (13) (R) (10,098 words)

Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2
[info]diane_b_taylor: The Ocean Swim (Tidus/Yuna) (R) (1,352 words)

Final Fantasy (General)
[deviantart user] blackorb00: Black Waltz No- 4 (SFW)

Final Fantasy IV
[deviantart user] yamabikobeny: Cecil (SFW)
[deviantart user] arc-oblivion: Comm : Rydia (NSFW)
[deviantart user] arc-oblivion: Comm : Rosa (NSFW)

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
[deviantart user] SyriusAntares: Soldier Elite (Sephiroth) (SFW)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
[deviantart user] Dahlieka: Genesis (SFW)
[deviantart user] littlenechan: LN_FA:Final Fantasy ZACK (SFW)

Final Fantasy VII
[deviantart user] Zolaida: Tifa Lockheart (SFW)
[deviantart user] KeithAErickson: Tifa Lockheart (SFW)

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII
[deviantart user] PlumCak3: Vincent Valentine (SFW)

Final Fantasy VIII
[deviantart user] TulioMinaki: Final Fantasy VIII - Shiva (SFW)

Final Fantasy IX
[deviantart user] Halpenske: Dinner Time at the Pub (Zidane, Vivi, Freya, Amarant, Stiltzkin, Steiner) (SFW)
[deviantart user] Jikko: Art Request: Eiko Carol (SFW)

Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2
[deviantart user] Adyon: Final Fantasy X - Yu Yevon (Shiva, Tidus, Yuna, Valefor, Yu Yevon, Bahamut) (SFW)

[deviantart user] Yuuri-K-sama: Lightning + Serah FFXIII-2
[deviantart user] Pharaoh--Atem: Treasure Hunter (Locke)
[deviantart user] StarDustShadow: Palumpolum -FFXIII- (Lightning)
[deviantart user] Edenfilms: Paine X-2
[deviantart user] burloire: DC: Plotting my Master Plan (Kefka)
[deviantart user] Konoe-Lifestream: Another Yuffie shot

Resources English Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

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