posted by [personal profile] ff_presswatch at 11:45pm on 03/09/2011
[info]fervid_blazer: Huge Explosion of Images + Extensive Look at Gameplay (FF Type-0)

[info]ff_fortnightly: Fortnightly Round 55 - Virtue, Punishment and Reward, Service
[info]ff_fanworks: Ideas!
What I’ve been thinking is setting up some sort of prompting system, possibly a table system (of course, other suggestions would be very welcome :) ) It would be very low key, no pressure.

[info]ff_exchange: Chocobo Racing - September Round: Gift Yourself

Discussions, Reviews & Meta
Final Fantasy Union: Burning Question: Did You Play The Type-0 Demo? What Did You Think?

Tumblr Digest
[info]ff_tumblrdigest: tumblr digest for Sep 3, 2011 (FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, FFX-2, FFXII)
victoryfanfare: 8 items

Final Fantasy IV
[info]notraffic: Moonshine (Rosa/Rydia) (G) (500 words)

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
[info]crabofdoom: Hidden Talents (Sephiroth) (PG13)

Ivalice Alliance
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift
[deviantart user] kitsoow: FFTA2 : Let's kick some ass. (Al-Cid, Adelle, Vaan, Luso, Penelo, Hurdy) (SFW)

[info]toffeethesnob: Cracktastic Machina Fan Art! (MachinaxMILF = OTP) (FFVII/FF Type-0) (Machina/Jenova, Sephiroth) (NSFW)

[deviantart user] xxpretenderxx: Final Fantasy - The Class Zero (FFvType-0) (Ace, Cinque, Sice, Seven, Nine)
[deviantart user] eyes-0n-me: Tidus Duodecim

Buying and Selling
[info]metamorcy1: Final Fantasy items for sale

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